Information about Virgo

Date of birthFrom August 23 – September 22
English nameVirgo
Minor bow06
IconVirgin girl, ♍︎
Ruler planetMercury
ColorColors are green, yellow, white or brown
Matching the bowTaurus, Capricorn, Gemini and Sagittarius

Characteristics of Virgo

Strength: Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical

Weakness: shy, nervous, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play

Virgo likes: Animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleanliness

Virgo does not like: Rude personality, often asking for help, disregarding the central role

Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo so people who influence Virgo are perfectionistic, critical and anxious, and it is their trait to be critical.

Virgo is very humble but can easily put pressure on themselves. Many people are afraid to hear that Virgo knows that they often criticize and nag like mothers-in-law, they are dissatisfied with others and their relationships. . are “serious and sophisticated” people, but Virgo people love to help others is another truth.

All Virgos like to be busy, they cannot be idle and do nothing, and serving others is their life goal. Unconfident Virgos sometimes have poor organizational skills, due to a lack of confidence in themselves; they need the encouragement of friends and family to push them forward. Their naturally nervous personality also makes them prone to pessimism!

Virgo motto

“My best can always be better.”

Relationships between Virgo and other zodiac signs

  • Favorite constellation: Capricorn
  • Most reliable constellation: Sagittarius
  • Best study subjects: Pisces
  • Best working partners: Libra
  • Constellations most easily influenced: Gemini
  • The easiest constellations to grasp: Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer
  • The most important constellations to watch out for: Scorpio, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo
  • Constellation 100% coordinated: Capricorn, Taurus
  • Constellation 90% coordinated: Scorpio, Cancer
  • Constellation 80% coordinated: Virgo
  • Constellations of the same type (earth signs): Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus
  • Opposing constellations: Pisces;

Top 5 reasons to love Virgo

  1. While you’re the first to admit that appearances can be deceiving, your ability to create a beautiful life can boost your mood.
  2. A hard worker, you get things done every boss wants someone like you on his or her team.
  3. You are kind and always willing to lend a hand to those who need it.
  4. You’re really funny. You don’t always let your sense of humor shine through, but anyone who knows you well is fully aware that you can make people collapse in laughter. Your sense of humor and sharp observational skills cannot be beat.
  5. You are so smart. Known for your intelligence, you will happily research anything you don’t know and you enjoy learning for the sake of learning.

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